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Unify Systems has extensive hands-on experience in building and deploying cutting-edge mobile apps.

Product Overview

Unify Systems has extensive hands-on experience in building and deploying cutting-edge mobile apps. We provide apps development services on both Android and iOS platforms. As a policy, we take up only a handful of projects at a time to ensure quality of service to our clients. All apps are developed in-house using the native platform SDKs with a focus on providing the ultimate User Experience.

Benefits of a mobile app

  • Experienced mobile app team
  • Rapid development approach to reduced cost to clients
  • Bespoke development
  • Usability driven & beautifully designed mobile apps
  • Complete customer support


Mobile Apps Development Services

  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Android App Development


How we serve our clients

  • Strategize and plan
    Key to a successful implementation of any project is the right input and understanding of the requirements before starting development. That is why we discuss and brainstorm with our clients on the purpose, end-use and target audience of the mobile apps that are being designed and developed to ensure that the end result is what best suits the clients requirements
  • Design
    We keep in mind the user and usability while designing the apps to ensure that the users see and interact as required and is able to get the information they need without struggling to find the same
  • Develop
    All development is done on modular and iterative basis to ensure a more flexible approach towards incorporating future requirements
  • Train and Host
    We provide dedicated hosting of the apps backend, and train our clients on their apps in order to ensure that they are able to manage and operate their apps smoothly and are not dependent on us for making content level changes
  • Support
    We understand that a client may require handholding to ensure that their product is up and running without a hitch. We provide support to the client for a stipulated time to ensure smooth functioning of the apps we develop for them