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Unify LMS, is a highly intuitive tool for delivering online courses and distance education.

Product Overview

Unify LMS, is a highly intuitive tool for delivering online courses and distance education. It facilitates all the needs of the online learning community and benefits the teachers as well as students by bringing them on a common platform, thereby bringing unified learning at your convenience. Unify LMS is driven by a concept of Dashboards for all the stakeholders in order to facilitate the e-Learning process. A one-stop view to all the important parameters a user needs to have an insight of are available as soon as they log into the application

Unify LMS is a hosted platform and is provided to the Institution on a service mode. The Institution does not need to incur any investments in the servers or supporting hardware thereby saving on the overheads. We will customize the look and feel of Unify LMS to match the colors of the Institute. All you need to do is simply log into your instance and start using from day one. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to demonstrate the power of Unify LMS.

Product Highlights

  • Dashboards for all users
  • Anywhere, anytime access to content
  • Self-paced, Interactive learning
  • Conduct virtual classes
  • Award certificates on course completion
  • Customized reports and progress indicators
  • Responsive design for ease of viewing across devices



Unify LMS has unmatched benefits some of which are mentioned below

  • Create users / Groups / Classes
  • Upload PDFs / Word / Excel / Video files & linked to a course
  • Dashboards for all stakeholders i.e. Students, Teachers, Parents & Administrators
  • Create question banks & assessments
  • Analytical reports
  • SCORM compliant
  • Cross browser and device compatible
  • Badges and alerts to track performance of students
  • Use email from within the LMS for interaction – No need for third party email clients
  • Automated backups on defined intervals
  • Secure, time / course based access to content



A teacher can monitor all activities pertaining to their assigned students within Unify LMS. There is a dedicated window for a teacher to view the progress of all students enrolled within a course, identify the students lagging behind and assist them to enhance their performance. A one-stop window to all the upcoming assignments, submitted assessments and all other messages – all laid out is a simplified and easy to understand view.

The dashboard provides following view for the teacher

  • View student progress
  • Send messages to students
  • View all assigned course and its syllabus
  • Create lesson plans
  • Take online classes
  • Mark student attendance (if desired for an online class)
  • Create question banks and quizzes
  • Plan assessments for students
  • Personalized calendars with reminders
  • Personal Briefcase – Upload reference documents for self-consumption
  • Create and participate in blogs & forums
  • One page access to Calendar, Member Directory, Chat, News etc
  • View student reports
  • Virtual Classroom – Schedule an online classroom session and send notification to students

A Dashboard is provided to each student highlighting the individuals’ progress across all the courses in which the student is enrolled. This empowers the student to track and analyze his/her performance and identify the problem areas and work on the same with assistance of the respective teacher. Besides the progress, student is displayed a list of upcoming / pending / submitted assignments / assessments etc.

The dashboard provides following view for a student

  • Student profile including photos, description etc.
  • View courses and content
  • View progress across all enrolled courses
  • Targeted announcements
  • A section dedicated for all assignments with alerts for overdue items
  • Student directory for viewing and communicating with all the participants & teachers
  • Discussion board
  • Chat with all participants online (if permitted by administrator)
  • Participate in online class
  • Participate in blogs & forums
  • Personalized calendar
  • Institute news

Parents are empowered by providing access to respective child’s progress across the courses w.r.t grades, upcoming assignments, due dates, overall progress, alerts sent by teachers etc. This ensures that the parents are constantly in touch with the teachers and can interact with them whenever they feel the need to.

The dashboard provides following view for the parents

  • Profile page – Student and Parent
  • View child’s progress graph across all courses
  • Custom reports
  • Send private messages to teachers
  • Targeted announcements
  • A section dedicated for all assignments with alerts for overdue items
  • Student & teacher directory for communication
  • Participate in discussion boards
  • Chat with the student & teachers
  • Personalized calendars
  • Image galleries

The Administrator Dashboard provides complete control of the application and content to the Administrator of the Institution. With a simple click, the administrator can provide / revoke access of the application / sections / features etc. to any user.

The dashboard provides following view for the administrator

  • Administrator profile
  • View each user’s profile
  • Manage & maintain complete Unify LMS instance of the institute
  • Create & delete registered users along with their access levels
  • Enroll & un-enroll students
  • Define course and syllabus
  • Assign teachers to a course
  • Define grading type and rules for each course
  • Create and manage news & events
  • Create institute level / global calendar
  • Send targeted announcements & alerts to users
  • Create and manage email accounts
  • Manage forums
  • Backup & restore content
  • Create and view custom reports