Managing a record of doctor’s visit is a crucial part of treatment.

Product Overview

Managing a record of doctor’s visit is a crucial part of treatment. Organizing the prescriptions on paper and then ensuring that the same are available when needed can be a tricky one. Study shows that most of the patients don’t seem to find their prescriptions when they need it the most.

With PRESTRR, we bring a solution to your problem. This app is your companion in managing the prescriptions and your medical records on your mobile, for their quick and easy access anytime, anywhere. PRESTRR ensures that all your medical records are available at your fingertips.

You can click a picture of your prescriptions and related information and save it locally on your PRESTRR App on your mobile phone and back it up on your Google Drive. This means, anytime you need your medical history for reference, you either have it on the phone or on your Google Drive for immediate access.

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Product Highlights

  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Handy access to all your medical records
  • Click and upload your prescriptions
  • Save your prescription details
  • Search prescriptions easily – never lose any medical records
  • Backup your prescriptions on your Google Drive account


Create Backup on your Google Drive

To make sure that you never lose the prescriptions you have saved on your PRESTRR App, you can easily link your Google Drive account and backup the same on your own cloud. Just go to Settings, click on the Google Drive icon to login, and save your medical records on your cloud. So even if the account is deleted or something goes wrong with the phone, your medical records are safe on your own drive.


Information is Kept Private

The prescription you save on PRESTRR App will be saved on your mobile ONLY or you can take a manual backup on your Google Drive. WE DO NOT SAVE OR PULL ANY OF YOUR PRESCRIPTION INFORMATION ON OUR SERVERS.